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The place of the Guarantee Fund

The place of the financial tool “The Guarantee Fund” and of the support organisations “the incubator” in a local ecosystem of Social Enterprises is presented on the following diagram.

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In that direction co-applicants have set to work in order to:

kouk Provide Liquidity to social enterprises,
kouk Encourage social enterprises to invest in fixed assets and mainly in equipment,
kouk Strengthen the social enterprises skills and competences to complete their business plans (covering logistics, procurement services, increase cooperative capital),
kouk Unleash the potential of Greek Cooperative Banks to provide meaningful and systemic solutions to the Greek social enterprises and contribute efficiently to local and regional development,
kouk Work to develop the right strategies and products for attracting the appropriate amount and quality of funds that would be deployed to serve the needs of Greek social enterprises and which will secure the sustainability of the Fund,
kouk Work to provide a reliable and transparent channel for, social and mainstream, investors to invest in projects with positive social impact,
kouk Work to develop tools and mechanisms and procedures to improve skills and competencies in evaluating social enterprise projects; spread this culture into mainstream funding/finance providers,
kouk Provide reliable methodologies and tools for social impact assessment and social return on investors’ investments,
kouk Create a network of stakeholders involved in the implementation and/or support of social enterprises; use of the network’s resources in the evaluation and implementation phases of projects in order to reduce and mitigate risk of failure.
Social Enterprise Ecosystem in Greece - SEE GR 
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